Sussex School of Fly Fishing sharing the secret...


             the Sussex School of Fly Fishing. Here we hope to make fly fishing fun, easy and enjoyable. At first glance casting a fly across the water appears an impossible task and yet, with a little help, it becomes remarkably easy. It is not a trial of strength, only to be done successfully by large and powerful individuals. This activity is accomplished by both sexes as it really boils down to technique and timing and not brute strength.

At SSFF we break down the myths and misconceptions which have grown over the past years. Within a short period of instruction we can have you casting a fly proficiently with confidence. The tackle we use is readily available at reasonable prices. We are not associated with and tackle manufacturer and can give you impartial advice on what to buy, and more importantly what NOT to buy. Fly fishing can be accomplished on the minimum of budgets. There are rods, reels and lines to suit all pockets. Whilst we would not recommend young people under the age of 10 to commence this is mostly to do with the ability to coordinate rather than absolute strength.

Obviously, we are based in the heart of Sussex but can cater for all aspects of fly fishing, from salt water, Stillwater and rivers using single and double handed rods. Our instructors are all fully qualified, insured and DBS registered, so we can deal with young and old. Most disabilities can be overcome as many of the fisheries in the UK are equipped to cater for the disabled, be it on the bank or on the water.

We can cater for individual tuition, guiding, groups and corporate events. Closer examination of the web site should provide you with a full picture of what we can offer, but if there is anything further you need to know just contact us direct via the contact page.

Thank you

Alan Middleton APGAI